Ka Wai Helen Lau


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Awards and Scholarships


  • Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholar(3 yr; CAN$23600)
  • NSERC scholarship PGS A (2 yr; CAN$36400)
  • Chevron Canada Resources Outstanding Student Paper in Seismology Award, CGU-AGU Joint Assembly (US$500)
  • SEG Foundation Scholarship (4 yr; US$2500)
  • Society of Professional Well Log Analysts Scholarship (1 yr; CAN$1500)
  • Geological Association of Canada Student Prize (1 yr)
  • Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (4 yr; CAN$6000)


  • Dalhousie University Graduate Scholarship (3 yr, CAN$49500)
  • Roger H. Pemberton Geophysical Award, UWO, for the highest overall average (CAN$1000)
  • The Norman B. Keevil Award In Earth Sciences (2 yr; CAN$2500)
  • The Geophysics Scholarship of Excellence, UWO (3 yr; CAN$3750)
  • UWO In-course Scholarships-Year II (1 yr; CAN$700)
  • The Western Scholar Award (1 yr; CAN$500)