Ka Wai Helen Lau
Skills & Education


Ph.D. in Geological Oceanography, Dalhousie University (2005)
B.Sc. Honors Geophysics (geological), The University of Western Ontario (1998)

Professional Skills and Knowledge

Seismic Methods

  • Reflection: skilled in MCS data processing, noise attenuation, interpretation, and pre-stack depth migration using Paradigm Focus, Omega2, i2i, ProMAX, Claritas, Seismic Unix, Seiswork and Kingdom Suite, on complex sedimentary and basement structures.
  • Refraction: experienced in velocity modeling of OBS and MCS wide-angle data using TwistPS, VMTomo, FAST, RAYINVR and Seiswide.


  • Extensional processes: investigated volcanic and non-volcanic rifted continental margins. Specialized in Eastern Canadian region and North Sea region
  • Syn-rift volcanism: imaged basalt and sub-basalt structures
  • Rifted basin: sub-salt imaging


  • Mapping: skilled in manipulating and displaying navigation and gridded dataset with GMT (Generic Mapping Tool) and Python modules.
  • Programming and systems: skilled in shell scripting and coding in C, Python, Matlabs and mySQL. Familiar with Linux and Windows.
  • Publishing: experienced in OpenOffice, MSWord, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Inkscape and html.